About Our School

We, The Ummah Builder, believes in the Teaching of Hazrat Muhammad SAW who is the greatest teacher and maymar of the mankind. The concept of real maymar is promulgated in our whole mission. We intend to produce true Maymars for the coming era who could lead the people to right Path of Success in both worlds. We believe Leadership is instinctive in every Muslim. We stimulate and stir the hidden competence into leading performance through our unique and macrocarpon way of instructions.

Why Us

Maymar is Ummah Builder.

We strive to make our kids perfect with great combination of spiritual and materialistic approaches. Our system develops harmonious partnership among students, family and community in creating a dynamic, prosperous, God conscious community of enlightened leaders and effective global citizens. We have been blessed to establish an outstanding academic institution born of the love and commitment of parents, staff, students and community.


Revival and the Renaissance of the sublime knowledge for every strata of the society through Maymar.


Development and growth of future generation through leader centered curriculum to make them a true leader.


Values are beautifully reflected in the school name as Maymar is a gorgeous blend of great Islamic and modern values.