The curriculum is the guide lines on which an educational institute manages its educational affairs systematically. We have a very comprehensive and latest curriculum plans for our kids. We have all important subjects included in our curriculum like URDU, ENGLISH,ARABIC, ISLAMYAT, PAK STUDIES, MATHS, ART AND DRAWINGS, HISTORY and other Major SCIENCE subjects. All subjects are divided into 6 units with comprehensive and clear understanding. Our curriculum works best in the growth and development of the


We have term system in our examination. We have three terms of three months each. Every term is comprised of assessment of two Units and after the completion of every term examination is carried out through different ways of testing. We have a very lucid and honest criteria for the assessment which includes summative, formative, diagnostic and bench marked.

Co-curricular Activities

All work and no play make jack a dull boy! Co-curricular activities are compulsory to mould children into well-rounded individuals.

Early Childhood Education is more than just child-minding or even learning the alphabet and counting and recognizing colours. We understand these skills are important, but a holistic education means an investment in a more fruitful future with benefits that last lifetime.

The four activities listed are part of the Kids Club ‘Education for Life’ program, created to give your child the best start to their future and a life-long love of learning. The program covers seven key learning areas:

•   Exploration
•   Community & Culture
•   Self-identity
•   Scholastics
•   Creativity
•   Thinking Skills
•   Mind & Body

Here are some co- curricular activities:

•   Swimming: Time to dive right in
•   Gymnastics: Focus, Balance, enthusiasm
•   Martial arts: The art of Self-Defence
•   Academic-Related: Make learning more fun
•   Pottery: Creating masterpieces with clay
•   Story-Telling: Tiny tales and lasting memories
•   Sports: Grow physically, mentally, emotionally and socially

Character Building Syllabi

Maymar’s core objective is to build positive role model amongst our children, teachers, parents and the school community. The aforementioned is a core strategy towards empowering and inspiring our young leaders to be intrinsically:

•   Independent Thinking with positive interpersonal attitude
•   Embodies values of Respect, Integrity, Self Discipline and Excellence (RISE)
•   Aware of and appreciate the environment
•   Awareness of Global Humanitarian Concerns
•   Encourage students to take responsibility for their actions
•   To familiarize them with good character traits
•   To place role models before them
•   To help develop good citizens with high moral values.


There are four main areas of languages; Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. We focus on all through receptive skills (listening and reading) we make students produce productive skills (speaking and writing)