Decentralized System

Maymar School is experimenting on some forms of educational Management decentralization. The process of transferring of decision-making powers from central President of Education to lower levels of an organization, communities, and schools is laid down. The transfer of decision-making authority is closer to the consumer or beneficiary. Decentralized management of education promises to be more efficient, better local priorities reflection, encouragement for all stakeholders, and improved learning outcomes and quality teaching.

Branding and Marketing

We provide a comprehensive support for our franchisee in order to uplift your brand image. Starting from external branding right till classroom décor, we have a modern, reliable, research based comprehensive plan to amplify your school’s aesthetic. Moreover, we provide a rigorous support to our franchisee in terms of Admissions Campaign, Event Management and Image Building.

Policies and Procedures

Maymar School focuses on creating positive, safe and supportive learning environments. The franchise operations manual documents and the business model. The business model institutionalizes the buying experience and removes the element of surprise from many customer experiences occurring every day in multiple locations. Policies are listed below:

•   Protection of the franchise brand, name and logo,
•   The franchisee is responsible to enhance the brand, can use the operating system, and take advantage of the ongoing support
•   The franchisee’s responsibility to penetrate, retain, and dominate the market
•   Protection of Territorial rights and responsibilities
•   Payment of Royalty
•   Licenses, permits and other requirements
•   Regional or cooperative advertising
•   Ensured statement of Structure and purpose of an advisory council,
•   Required standards for purchasing equipment and supplies
•   Audits and inspections
•   Compliance with the franchise agreement
•   References to specific sections of the franchisee agreement

List of policies:

•   Admission Policy
•   Curricular and co-curricular activities policies
•   Anti-Bullying Policy
•   School Security Policy
•   Recruitment Policy
•   Educational Visits Policy
•   Behavior and Discipline Policy
•   Students on Placement Policy
•   Action Policy
•   Audit and Quality Assurance Policy

Academics Support

Maymar is providing a wide variety of instructional methods, educational services, or school resources provided to students in the effort to help them accelerate their learning progress, catch up with their peers, meet learning standards, or generally succeed in school. Following support areas for academics are:

•   Curriculum
•   Examination
•   Co-curricular Activities
•   Languages

Staff Training and Development

To provide a structure that enables appropriate development opportunities that are intended to improve the knowledge, skills and performance of staff and augment the effectiveness of the school in all of its activities and strategies.

•   Developing staff and enabling them to become more effective in their work.
•   Identifying and providing development opportunities for all staff.
•  Reviewing and evaluating staff development needs and making provision as required. e.g. (Montessori Training, Effective Methods of Teaching, Positive learning environment)

Educational Audit and Reporting

Maymar seeks its excellence through continuous enhancement in the educational standards that meet the needs of the learners. It is envisaged that the audit information will assist in:

•   Enabling students to have appropriate educational opportunities
•   Maintaining/improving the students practice placement experience
•   Giving recognition to the staff working in areas of excellence
•   Improving the quality of the practice learning environment
•   Identifying those areas in which staff need help and support to maintain, improve and develop the quality of the learning environment

HR and Administrative Support

Maymar acts as a vital member for your Support, putting you first and delivering on your agenda. We can provide all of the back-office transactional services such as personnel administration, but also the specialist services which are highly complex in the education context.

Our main ambition is to free your time to concentrate on teaching and learning. We offer a holistic service which is not just limited to undertaking traditional HR casework. Head teachers value the access to our expert team of advisors on all school issues. Our team work in all types of establishments, and have an excellent reputation for our personable and straightforward approach to deal with school management issues. You can expect straightforward, no nonsense and pragmatic advice from people who work solely within the education sector.

No two schools are the same, and our breadth of knowledge in the education sector enables us to work alongside you on your specific priorities, avoiding pitfalls and finding solutions.

IT Based School Management System

Maymar School is based on purely IT based management system. Our School software Comprises of following modules which makes the management of the institution very efficient and effortless. This School software integrates and streamlines the important Functions of school such as admission, student’s records, staff records, fee collection, attendance, Timetable, Accounting, and Inventory and maintains information about all these with extremely easy and efficient User Interface. A brief listing of these features is below:

•   Admission
•   Student record
•   Attendance
•   Fee management
•   Other payments
•   Financial Accounting
•   Inventory
•   Documents
•   Report

School Financial Management Support

We understand that every school is different, so Maymar School provides a comprehensive finance support services, delivered through a variety of service agreements which are designed to meet your apprentice needs.

a) The Tuition & fees are payable in advance on a two-monthly basis or for external examination classes on four-monthly basis. In view of constant inflationary pressures, the fees are subject to review from time to time.

b) Fee Bills are normally issued with a “DUE DATE” of 10-15 days. After the expiry of “DUE DATE” the Fee Bill can be deposited with the late fee fine which is charged on a daily basis, till the expiry of “VALIDITY DATE” which is normally 20 days from the expiry of the “DUE DATE”.

c) Students whose fees remain payable after expiry of ‘DUE/VALIDITY DATE’ are issued periodic reminders and ultimately the ‘Final’ reminder’, thereafter the student’s name will be struck off the school roll and outstanding dues adjusted against security deposits.

d) Parents/Guardians defaulting on fees payment, get the risk of making their children/wards liable to being struck off the school roll. The security deposits of students are adjusted against their unpaid Tuition and Fee balance. In such cases, re-admission is subjected to vacancy and repayment of both the admission fee and security deposits at the prevailing rates.

e) The security Deposit is refunded in full at the time of the ‘withdrawal’ of the student after completion of studies or otherwise provided that the student has paid all his/her dues and the school has no justifiable claim outstanding.

Procurement Support

Increased demand from internal customers is one very tangible indicator of procurement’s growing importance to the franchise. On the other hand, this increased demand — if not resourced adequately — can overwhelm already lean internal teams, actually eroding their overall impact.

Support services from Maymar are designed to help keeping franchise procurement teams firing on all cylinders, enabling your group to meet its targets, expand its reach and keep pace with rising expectations.

Learning Management System

At Maymar we observe student- centered teaching methodology in which students are active partners in the learning process, facilitated by the respective teachers. Each student is encouraged to think and learn logically by exposure to a variety of teaching techniques, which develop skills and abilities in the students to be able to comprehend knowledge and apply it in relevant situations.

We believe in individual differences as no child is exactly like another, for each the level of achievement can be raised, aspirations can be stirred, potential talents can be discovered and developed so that he/she can find his own worth and dignity.

We believe that children must be provided ample opportunities to interact socially, discuss problems and find remedial measures, explore the unknown and reach out for information, accumulate facts and present them publicly with reasoning. Hence today's education must aim at more exposure and social interaction.

OUR AIM is to develop a balanced personality by bringing out the best in a child intellectually, physically, morally, culturally and religiously. It is vital that the mind and intellect which pilot the dynamics of personality are developed on the right lines. To be able to compete and to keep pace in modern era, we inculcate competitions and hard work at the grass root level. Students are motivated to aspire for excellence in all spheres of life through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

At “Maymar” cramming and rote learning is strictly negated and we encourage our children to learn independently as at school the focus is on making the students comprehend the concept and our committed and dedicated subject specialists are sensitive towards the individual needs of the students. Repetition and reinforcement are integrated in our teaching methodology.

International Educational Trips

Maymar is a private sector educational institution styled on the modern educational system of international standards, specially designed to meet the requirements of the students to meet the challenges by involving the three E’s approach EXPOSURE – EXPANSION – EXPLORATION. We offer a chance to you to associate with a leading school chain. Being an expedient part and parcel of the literate social network Maymar offers its Directors International exposure.